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Tips to prolong and protect your manicure

December 7, 2020 1 By CLC

In today’s hectic times, we often do not have time to sit down every day and change our nail polish. So what should you do to enjoy your next manicure as long as possible?

Nail preparation

Never forget to prepare your nails. Remove your previous manicure from the nail plates with nail polish remover and make sure that your nails are free from any greasy residue. If you want to wipe them with alcohol before polishing, you can, but even a simple wash with soap and water should suffice.

colour lover cosmetics

Nail polish application

Before applying the colour polish itself, do not forget to apply the base coat. It will help extend the durability because coloured polish will stick better to the base coat. When it comes to colour nail polish, choose one that has been made to last longer. You can recognize it by the designation long-lasting nail polish etc. Also, during the application of individual layers, do not forget to coat also free edge of the nail. This will ensure that the polish does not peel and chip easily. Finally, it is necessary to finish the manicure with a layer of topcoat, which protects it against abrasions and chipping, and depending on the type of topcoat, it can also add some interesting effect.

Manual activities

Think about the activities you do every day with your hands. Nail polish is exposed to temperature changes, water, detergents, etc. It will definitely help if you do not expose your nail polish excessively to these factors, and for example you start washing dishes and cleaning in rubber gloves. You would not believe how much such a small change can help with durability of your precious manicure. Also you will not dry out the skin of your hands either, which is also a big bonus.

What are your tips for prolonging your manicure?

Have a great time painting your nails.