Our story

How was Colour Lover Cosmetics created and what motivated me to create my own brand?

Painting nails fascinated me ever since I was a child. I remember watching my mom apply nail polish on her own nails, and of course I wanted to do it as well. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to wear nail polish until high school. However, I secretly admired her tiny collection, and I could spend quite a long time secretly staring on small bottles filled with colors that glittered in various ways, and I was completely enchanted.

Later during my university studies, I finally had the opportunity to discover the world of cosmetics without any restrictions. My first catches were, of course, nail polishes, and over the years my collection grew rapidly. After a couple of years and couple hundreds nail polishes, during a trip to the drugstore I was very dissapointed to realize, that I did not find any new nail polish that would excite me or that I did not already own.

At that time, I was wondering why the offer in our drugstores is so boring and uniform. So one day it occured to me that I should start my own brand and make interesting shades of nail polish that I thought we lacked. I believe you will be as excited and inspired as I am.

Yours, Barbora.