Our story

Our story

How was Colour Lover Cosmetics created and what motivated me to start my own brand? It all began during my university studies. Young woman in early twenties, introvert. I often preferred staying alone on my dorm room than going out partying with my friends. Big groups of people seemed complicated and difficult. Too many people and noise were more tiring than amusing to me.

When I stayed on my dorm room by myself, I had to figure out what to do. Internet sucked and I needed to study only right before my exams. I have always loved reading books, watching movies and walking around city in my free time. One day, I decided that I needed a little bit of change, so I grabbed an eyeshadow palette that I had received as Christmas gift.

„Alright, let´s try this again, I don´t have anything better to do anyway.“ Those were probably my thoughts. This was not my first time grabbing it, but until then the outcome had been (unfortunately) terrible. But I did not give up, that is not who I am.

„One day it has to work out, so that I look better instead of worse. If only I knew what I am doing wrong …“ Then I had a life changing idea (for me at least). „There are so many things on the internet, what if I can find some clues for how to look better with eye shadow.“ And so I opened my computer, typed in keywords and suddenly whole new world opened to me – beauty world. Eye shadow was not the only thing that I was intrigued by. My young introverted heart was more taken away by nail polish, nail art and all the colours I could possibly get.

Ever since I have spent countless hours watching videos, reading blog posts, applying makeup and taking it off, trying different nail art designs, failing and trying again and again. After couple of years, my friends praised me for my new abilities. I was buying beauty products, collecting them and testing. Many people were shocked by my beauty collection which was as big as small drug store. During my university studies I realized that makeup application was mainly creative outlet for me, while painting my nails was therapeutic for stress relief.

After couple of years I encountered a new problem, which was my skin getting worse. I could not understand why I did not have acne as teenager and after university my skin got so bad. I suspected it had something to do with makeup, and so I turned to internet. I found out that skin care is so much more important than makeup.

Again, hours and hours I spent gathering all the information from reliable sources. My skin improved and on top of that I was able to help my friends with similar problems. At the same time I had been contemplating for a long time, how wonderful it would be to have my own business dedicated to beauty world that I loved so much, but I could not figure out what was my path.

Months and years went by, until I saw a short video showing process of making beauty products. That was it! It got me excited and after thinking back and forth and quite some worrying, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own nail polish brand. I had been disappointed for quite some time with offer in our drugstores, which is why I decided to make new interesting and unconventional colours myself. I sincerely hope that they will excite you just as much as me. And who knows, maybe eventually, with support of great customers, I can extend this range to other beauty areas as well.

Love, Barbora