how to choose the best nail oil

How to choose the best nail oil?

January 22, 2023 0 By CLC

There is a huge number of types of oils – edible, essential and technical, etc. But how to choose the best one for your nails? Which one will strengthen and nourish your nails? Let’s take a look at it.

Nail oil hydrates your nails by penetrating throught the keratin layers that make up your nails. However, not all oils are created equal. For this reason, it is necessary to select oils that have sufficiently small molecules, so that the oils will actually penetrate the nail plate.

Oils with large molecules, such as sunflower or olive, are great to use in kitchen, but are not effective in cosmetics, because they just sit on the surface and will not absorb into the skin and nail plate.

nail anatomy
jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is currently one of the best oils for cosmetic purposes. From a chemical point of view, it is a liquid wax that has an almost identical composition to natural sebum produced by our bodies. For this reason, our body can absorb jojoba oil easily and it can penetrate the nail plate the easiest. If your nail oil does not contain jojoba oil as one of the main ingredients, you are just wasting your resources.

Coconut oil is another very popular oil used for cosmetic purposes. This oil also has very small molecules, so it is easily absorbed into the skin and nails. It is very light, does not leave a greasy feeling and is exceptionally moisturizing. For this reason, it helps to cure dry skin and prevent hangnails.

apricot oil

Apricot kernel oil is another light oil that doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. In addition, it is very moisturizing and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins E, K and many different antioxidants. Thanks to its composition, it strengthens nails, improves skin elasticity and softens dry skin.

Vitamin E oil is rich in antioxidants, so it is suitable for weak and brittle nails. It’s also very moisturizing, so it helps prevent hangnails and treats dry skin.


A blend of these oils can also be enriched with various essential oils, which will enhance the effects of these carrier oils, or add other benefits.

vitamin e oil


Choose from our variety of cuticle oils to keep your nails hydrated and prevent breaks.

However, don’t forget to use your nail oil regularly. With our nail oils, you will see the first results after just a few days – Your nails will be stronger, more flexible, will not peel or break.


Have a great time painting your nails.