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3 tips to protect your skin while painting your nails

June 8, 2021 0 By CLC

If you do not have enough experience or a firm hand, you can very easily paint not only the nail bed, but also the skin around the nails when painting your nails. This is usually undesirable because the nails then look untidy and unprofessional. Therefore, we bring you 3 tips on how to protect the skin around your nails during your next painting to achieve professional results at home.

colour lover cosmetics

If you have nothing else on hand, try sticking a tape around your nails. Cut small pieces of the tape, stick them on the back of your hand several times to remove excess glue, and then gently wrap around your nails. Removing excess glue will help prevent discomfort during peeling the tape off. Paint your nails as always, and any excess polish that would get on the skin will remain on the tape, which you will simply peel off. Easy, cheap, affordable, and very effective solution.

If the application of tape is unnecessarily complicated for you, reach for an oil, cream or Vaseline. Apply it gently in small amount to the skin around the nails. Not on the nails, only on the skin! It basically doesn’t matter what oil or cream it will be, but if you choose nail oil or cream, you will also nourish your skin during polishing and your nails will be more beautiful and healthier.Oil, cream or Vaseline on the skin will cause the excess nail polish not to be able to stick to the skin and you will be able to wipe it very easily with a cotton swab or a piece of tissue.


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colour lover cosmetics
colour lover cosmetics

If the first two options do not suit you, try applying liquid latex to the skin around your nails. It is usually applied with a brush and it is necessary to let it dry completely before applying the nail polish. Then you peel it off with tweezers while the nail polish is still wet and you will have a beautiful manicure on your nails.

What are your tips for protecting skin around your nails? Let us know in the comments.

Have a great time painting your nails.