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Guide to nail polish finishes part 3

June 1, 2021 0 By CLC

This week we are finishing our guide on nail polish finishes with the last 8 types.

colour lover cosmetics

Unicorn or Mermaid

Nail polishes labeled as unicorn or mermaid are basically iridescent, these are just fancier names for iridescent.

Flakes or Flakies

Unlike glitter, flakies are not made from plastic film and usually have irregular shapes and sizes, which makes them more interesting to create nail art and also easier to remove.

colour lover cosmetics
colour lover cosmetics


Neon nail polishes are usualy creams or jellies that have really bright colours. Typically highlighter pens use neon colours.


Special effects crackle polishes are usually black in colour. They are used mostly as a topper over another polish and as the crackle polish dries it shrinks and creates different irregular shapes.

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Thermal nail polish changes colours based on the temperature. So when your nails are cold it is a different colour than when your nails are warm. If you have long nails, you can have different colour on your nail bed and on tips of your nails.

Glow in the dark

As the name suggest, this type of polish glows in the dark after reacting to UV light or blacklight.

colour lover cosmetics
colour lover cosmetics


Solar polishes change colours after being exposed to UV light, so you can have different colour on your nails in shadow and in direct sunlight.


Magnetic nail polishes contain tiny metal particles that can be magnetized. When magnet is hovered over the wet polish, these particles move in the polish and based on shape of your magnet can create different effects. Most common is a cat eye effect, which is created by magnet pulling magnetic particles in polish to a line straight across your nails.

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Did you like our guide? Are there any others that we should cover? Please let us know in a comment below.

Have a great time painting your nails.