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Tips for perfect nail polish application

November 24, 2020 0 By CLC

Application of nail polish is a skill like any other, therefore the more you practice, the better your results are. We would like to point out few tips to help you perfect your home manicures as soon as possible.

Don´t be too strict with yourself

As we mentioned, painting your nails is a skill, therefore it is perfectly normal that your first try is not looking particularly professional. Be patient, you will get better at it, so don´t give up.


Pay attention to your suroundings when you are going to paint your nails. Take out all your tools, open the bottles slightly, so it is easier to work with them, have something to drink and some snack near you, in case you are thirsty or hungry. Just think ahead and eliminate any possibilities to use you hands with fresh coat of nail polish. Also, make sure you are by the opened window.

colour lover cosmetics

Position of your body

Paint your nails while sitting at the table, rather than lying on bed or crouched in corner of your room. Have your hands rest on table with your wrists and elbows, so that you have the most stability while applying the layers.

The application

Go slow, if you will try to rush through it, you will probably flood your cuticles. It can happen to the best of us and it is not a huge problem. If you do flood your cuticles, lightly and carefully wipe the excess polish with cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. Let each layer dry completely.

Most importantly

Enjoy it!

We believe that these tips will help you with your next manicure. What are your favourite tips and hacks for painting your nails?

Have a great time painting your nails.