Nice to matte you soft matte topcoat


Are you wondering why your manicure does not last very long? Do you like a matte finish of your manicure, but your favourite polishes are all glossy?

Topcoat is an essential step of every manicure to extend the life of your manicure. Our Nice to matte you soft matte topcoat is developed to create a long lasting, highly durable manicure while turning any nail polish to a matte finish. Even though it is cloudy in the bottle, it does not dull down the colours, nor appear foggy on the nails!

At the same time, it is super quick drying – your manicure will be touch dry in 30 seconds. Within 2 – 3 minutes nails will be dry.

Use our Nice to matte you soft matte topcoat as the last step of every manicure to:

  • create smooth and matte finish of any nail polish
  • speed up the drying time of your nail polish
  • protect your nail polish and prolong the longevity of your manicure

6,5ml / 0,22 o.z.

Vegan friendly and cruelty free

Note: If left open it will start to thicken. If this happens add a couple drops of nail polish thinner to restore the consistency. Do not add nail polish remover or acetone.

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10-free matte quick drying topcoat. Learn more about our formula here

How to use:

1. Apply our Grip & treat vitamin base coat and let fully dry.

2. Apply one stroke of nail polish of your choice down the center of the nail, followed by one stroke along each side of the nail.

3. Apply second coat of the nail polish using the same technique to ensure even coverage and full opacity and let fully dry.

4. Finish off with our Nice to matte you soft matte topcoat for matte finish or No time to dry high shine quick drying topcoat for glossy finish.



Ethyl acetate, Butyl acetate, Alcohol denat, Cellulose acetate butyrate, Acrylates copolymer, Silica silylate, Hydrated silica, Trimethyl pentanyl diisobutyrate, Dipropylene glycol dibenzonate, Etocrylene, Polyethylene


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Disclaimer: We are doing our absolute best to capture our nail polishes accurately in photos and videos, however in person colours may slightly vary. This is due to the fact that every screen has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently.


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