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Guide to nail polish finishes part 2

May 25, 2021 0 By CLC

This week we continue to guide you through more nail polish finishes, so let´s get right into it.

colour lover cosmetics


Pearl nail polish is type of shimmery polish using mainly colors resembling actual pearls. So mainly white, off-white, light pink etc.


Metallic nail polish is made of finer shimmers that create high shine effect to resemble different metals, such as gold or silver. This type polish is very likely to give you streaks, so careful and mindful application is advised.

colour lover cosmetics
colour lover cosmetics

Chrome or Foil

Chrome nail polish has even finer shimmers that create that famous mirror finish. It can look almost like liquid metal and this finish is mostly achieved by rubbing chrome powders onto the polished nails which prevents creation of streaks from brush application.


Glitter polishes are usually in clear base, or it can be in jelly or crelly base too. They contain glitters which are typically made from plastic film and have various shapes, sizes and colors. Glitter polishes are famous for being more difficult to remove, so prepare some extra time and patience.

colour lover cosmetics
colour lover cosmetics


Holographic nail polish contains special particles that create rainbows when they reflect direct light or sunlight. Depending on how many particles there are in the polish, you can have scattered holo effect, which is created by lesser amount of holo particles. Or you can have linear holo polish by using more holo particles which create solid rainbow lines on your nails. Holo polishes are generally way easier to remove than glitter.


Nail polish with iridescent finish typically contains particles that are translucent or white and have colour shifting properties. You can observe multiple colors shifting gradually as your view angle changes. Soap bubbles are great example of giving iridescent effect.


Duochrome nail polish typically has some base colour and depending on change of view angle you can see another colour, i.e. blue polish that changes colour to purple as you move your fingers.


Multichrome nail polishes are upgrade of duochrome. Multichromes have also some base colour, but offer two or more other colours with change of your view angle. So for example you can have blue polish that changes colour to purple and green, maybe even gold.

Have you tried any of these? Which is your favourite?

Have a great time painting your nails.