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Do you have to throw out a thickening nail polish?

May 11, 2021 0 By CLC

A short answer is that you don’t. If your nail polish has thickened, it is because the solvents have evaporated and its consistency has changed. However, this is no tragedy, you can easily restore it, so keep reading to learn how.

Solution to this problem is nail polish thinner, which you can add directly to your nail polish bottle. However, we advise to proceed slowly when adding the nail polish thinner so that you don’t dilute the nail polish too much. Add a few drops, close the bottle and shake well. If you don’t like the consistency, repeat the procedure until you are satisfied with your nail polish again.

colour lover cosmetics
colour lover cosmetics

But beware! Never use nail polish remover, acetone or anything other than products designed to restore nail polish. The nail polish remover and acetone destroy the structure of the polish. So momentarily your favorite polish will appear thinner and may seem more suitable for use, but we guarantee that the rest of the bottle will be damaged and you will no longer be able to use it.

What are your experiences with old nail polish? Do you revive it or do you throw it out?

Have a great time painting your nails.